Refund of Donation Tax

Did you know that if you are a P.A.Y.E taxpayer and your total contribution to Streetwise in any one year is €250 or more (this is about €21 per month or €5 per week), Streetwise is entitled to a refund from the government of the tax you have paid on this sum?

What does it mean? This means that if your total annual donation reaches €250, Streetwise will actually receive either €312.50 or €431, depending on whether you pay tax at the standard rate or the higher rate. The table below gives an explanation.

Your total  annual donation Government tax  rebate to Streetwise Total value of sum  received by Streetwise
€250 (standard rate  taxpayer) €62.50 €312.50
€250 (Higher rate  taxpayer) €173 €423

Is it complicated to achieve this?
In order to achieve this you need only to sign a simple form that Streetwise will send you once a year. Every year, many hundreds of supporters like you kindly consent to this, and the resulting extra income enables Streetwise to fund further projects. Even the tax man must be happy about this.

Who else will have access to my tax details?
No details from your tax income are ever used by any Government agency for any purpose other than refunding the tax you have paid on your donation.

If you can agree to sign this simple form when it is posted out to you, you will be making an enormously valuable contribution. If you are unsure of anything and would like to discuss it in confidence and with no further obligation, email or contact us today.

Click here to download a CHY-2 Certificate that you can print out and send off.