Become a building volunteer

Padraig & Meghan put the finishing touches on a manholeCan you raise €3,000 and give 2 weeks (or more) hard labour to the children of Africa?

In 2011 volunteers helped to build a new Educare Centre in Delft. We are now hoping to continue with the next phase of works in Delft and provide the community with a training centre by the end of 2017.

Although trades people are especially appreciated, those without a trade are also required.

Get involved here in Ireland

Prior to and during the build, we need volunteers here in Ireland. We need help with administration, public relations and fundraising. Can you give 3 or 4 hours a week of your time for admin and/or PR?

Can you fundraise run a marathon, coffee morning, table quiz etc. for us?

If you would like to apply to become a volunteer, please contact any of the people listed on the Contact page.

What the Volunteers Say…

Brian McIntyre

Brian and Angus start on the drainage....

My experience in south Africa was very positive . I was intrigued over the course of the my stay of south Africa very complex history. I learned a great deal about the locals and their daily struggles to progress in their lives and it made all of my struggles seem very small.



Mary McKeon

Although this trip was my fourth in South Africa my experience in Delft still exceeded my expectations. Volunteering allows you to penetrate well beyond the surface of a country that you lack as just a casual tourist. It allowed us to think about others outside our community and country and we all realised how lucky we are to be living in Ireland. Our economic problems pale in comparison to the issues people in Delft have a deal with on an everyday basis. My lasting memory will be the zest for life that the children exuded and a sense of achievement that we are helping in our own small way to benefit their lives.

Alma Egan

Alma with some of the kids in the pre-school

Cape Town is a city of opposites, arriving at the airport is like arriving at any other, but a 20 minute drive takes you to a different world. Everywhere in Delft and the surrounding townships there is crime and corruption, employment is scarce and education is a privilege. Security and safety is something that we rarely have to think about in Ireland, I can go any place alone and never be fearful or a victim of crime. In Delft a walk to the shop without a chaperone was not advised. So our colleagues on the site Papi and Wayne became our chaperones! The building of the Educare Centre not only provides employment for these locals but in turn benefits their families. Many have young children and also tragic stories to tell of loved ones lost. Many have been our of work for long periods and have had little to support their families, so they are truly appreciative of their job.

They were somewhat amused and slightly dubious of the arrival of two Irish females on site, the first day was quiet, the second morning there was muttering of hello and good morning, after two weeks they were asking us if we must return to Ireland! They were amazed at our strength, many of them lacked physical strength most likely from years of malnutrition and the lack of a balanced diet.

We visited the children every day, they were very affectionate and very curious. There were questions from one child as to why ‘Auntie Alma’ was white, Sr. Antonia’s response is that we are all brown, just many different shades of brown.

Andrew Carney

My first time to Volunteer to go to South Africa with Streetwise Buildings was an experience like no other in my life before. I had the best craic with some of the best characters from all different walks of life. It was some eye opener to see the conditions that the local people experienced day to day. If my experience thought me anything while I was there was that it is hard to believe how one person could make such a big difference in such a short time. I am grateful to all the people involved in Streetwise for giving me this opportunity. On my return I really felt greatful for all we have as I remember the children and how little they have.

Tom Smyth

What i will always cherish is working side by side with the locals, really enjoyed the whole experience worked hard, will do the same again given the chance.

Volunteering Terms & Conditions

  • Participants must raise a minimum of €3,000. Cheques can be made payable to Salesian Sisters Missions.
  • A deposit of €200 must accompany your application form.
  • Volunteers cannot take part in the project unless the full amount is received.
  • In the event that a volunteer is unable, for whatever reason, to participate in the Streetwise Ireland project, it is understood that any monies submitted will be retained by Streetwise Ireland exclusively for its benefit
  • Streetwise Ireland reserve the right, at its absolute discretion, to refuse your application, in which case your deposit of €200 will be returned to you

Your responsibilities when Volunteering

  • Participants must be fit to work during the Streetwise Ireland project and must complete the medical questions on the application form
  • If you are 55 years of age or over, or if you have any sort of medical condition, regardless of age, that could be adversely affected by participating in this project with Streetwise Ireland, you must obtain a medical certificate from your doctor confirming your fitness